Who We Are

Everbrook Housing Cooperative was established in the late 1970s by a small, local, group of mainly single people. The area was very run-down and had been declared a Housing Action Area. This meant that some finance was available to improve the area. Everbrook secured finance from the then Housing Corporation, now Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), in the form of 30-year loans.

Helping the community

The Coop bought 24 properties, which were divided into 62 individual flats. The properties are all street properties and are located in a small area bordered by Stoke Newington Common, Jenner Road, Evering Road and Norcott Road. The Coop is run by Management Committee. It currently employs one Worker who organises maintenance and deals with rent collection and general admin. The rest of the work is carried out by committed volunteers who freely give their time and energy. Over the years Membership has fluctuated, but now stands at 81. The Membership is multi racial and ages range from early twenties to the eighties. As very few properties now become available for re-letting, Membership has been closed for some years. Any available units are let via the local authority

Local Area